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SS - What ties us Together by AimaiLeafy SS - What ties us Together by AimaiLeafy
♥ A happy and merry Christmas to everyone! ♥

This is the picture for this years Himitsu no Santa at :iconhimitsu-no-mahou:♥ my santachild for this year was.... :iconpinkpoink:!So I hope that you will like this picture, as much as I do! The only thing that I despice on it is Greens anatomy - yes, yes, I see the mistakes (for once, haha xD!). In 2012 I will work on anatomy I swear >w<b

*PinkPoinks wishlist maked it easy for me to choose: I use every chance I get to draw a grouppicture, esspecially if it's with Greens Elementarwächter-team. Here they look so group-like, what a rare sight! I would dare to say, that this team is the badest and most un-ballanced team since centuries... okay we do not know how Shaginais team looked like, but I guess that he would glare everyone to death if they would cause un-ballance, haha. it would definatly be a very scrict team of Elementarwächter.... not based on friendship I guess?

Uuuh I really had much fun while drawing this >3< it was my first A4 picture after around 60 aceo cards, so it was really relaxing drawing on a bigger paper and with more characters xD

Uuuuh! I nearly forgot: there is a suprise hidden in this picture. But only those who had read the Sailor Moon Manga will see it ;3 can you guess it?

I hope that you all will get a great day and a good start in the new year! Don't make too many new years resolutions, okay? My drawing resolution is.... working on anatomy è_e

All Characters (c) Himitsu no Mahou / Me
PinkPoink Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I honestly do not know what to say ;A;



It looks so awesome!

I really adore the brownish effect of the background. I adore every single character and I love their positions, it's the rainbowwächterteam. My favourites of this picture are Green, Firey and Kaira. The little flower pattern on the background is cute too. I love this picture to death <3 Thank you so much for making my wish come true Carina!

So... I think I'll start with Green, since she is the focus of the picture. I don't know this outfit, but it looks so cute on her! I love her hairdo too. When did she get this outfit? I do know her staff from the characterguide though. You said there are many anatomy mistakes, but I think the picture looks great as it is, the focus isn't anatomy. It's the picture in whole.

I also see your style is changing bit by bit, you're shading a little bit differently than you used to and I think it looks really amazing.

Pink is as cute as ever, smiling. I really like to see her smile, since I think she is cheerfull al the time and helping her team get trough almost anything. Her eyes are pretty. I like Yuuki a lot on this picture, when I draw him I can't get his hair right, so I really wonder how you do that. I don't know a lot about Kaira, Tinami and Azura, but I love their looks, hihi. Azuma is becoming one of my favourite characters, I like him a lot as a friend of Firey. Even if he can't replace Sibi as 'boyfriend', since I still ship SxF together. I like his greenish eyes and his hairdo. Grey and Ilang look really sweet together, I love the blush on her face. They really look in love. And last but not least, my all time favourite character Firey: I love the colour of her hair, it has changed of the years, since I thought it was more of a scarlet red in the beginning (and I know I always use the wrong colour, since I use fire red for her hair,) but now it looks more like a ruby/carmine red. I think it does suit her though! I like her wächter uniform aswell and her expression is great!

I haven't read the Sailor Moon manga though, so sadly I can't guess the little surprise hidden in the picture, but I think it has something to do with the strings coming from Green?

All in all I want to thank you for this sweet and beautiful present. I really adore it.
PinkPoink Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Erstöööööör!!! :love:
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