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Family-reunion of the Hikari by AimaiLeafy Family-reunion of the Hikari by AimaiLeafy

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Long title is long OTL

:bulletred: Next: Chapter 13 - "The true family"
:bulletred: Previous: Chapter 11 - "Show-white Memories II"

Very first time of using the PDF-uploader of deviantart and... doesn't it look awesome? Much better I think xD and Himi is no FanFiction anymore, ahahaha. Good so, since it isn't a fanfiction at all and isn't supposed to be in such a category.

I'm happy to show you this chapter, since... finally the "real" Himitsu no Mahou starts ♥ now we let the Slice of Life part behind us (more or less) and we go further to the plot and heart of Himi! I'm so happy and excited, so please, if you have time, write a little comment, yes? To hear your thoughts would make me (and Tekuu of course!) very happy ;U;!

Big "thankyou" goes to =MiyaToriaka who took the time to create the beautiful cover of this chapter ♥ if you want to create a cover to one of the Himi chapters, please feel free to ask!

Here we have the cover art to this chapter

Have fuuuun~ comment plz

Wächterin = "female Guardian"
Wächter = "male Guardian"

Himitsu no Mahou © Carina Pabst ~ =Green-najotake
Translation and beta-reading : =Tekuu
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chococustard Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Student Digital Artist
grey! y u no let green be friends with gary and sibi?!:icony-u-noplz:
holly molly this chapter is awesome! green came back home!:iconhappyblueplz: and the whole description really makes it feel like we're in the temple!>w< and the painting! man, i wish i could see it>w< =MiyaToriaka-san made the cover looks awesome! all of you are so great!
AimaiLeafy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
POKEMONDANIEL I LOOOOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ (imagine thousand of hearts flying to you >3<)

:iconhappyblueplz: thanks for the compliments, you can't imagine how happy it makes me, that you enjoy reading Himi and that you like the current envelopments *u*

I also like the cover very much ♥ would you like to make a cover too?
*thanks again! Huuuuug!*
chococustard Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i'm glad you're happy nee-san^^

i guess i can since i also have my own projects:D and of course i enjoy reading it^^ it's just so cool. forbidden relationships, endless war, what's not to love?XD

ah! really! yes! yes! i would love to!>w< it would be such an honor!
Tekuu Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011  Hobbyist

;u;/ Soooo happy this chapter is finally online! ♥ And the cover looks just fantastic as well >vvv<~ =MiyaToriaka really did a great job :la:
But the best thing is the chapter itself. My translation speed (~two days) is enough proof of that already e-e;; I loved Green's reaction to the "new world"
she enters, and the description of each Wächter-type and element ♥ The painting was a really good choice for such an "introduction", and it really sheds
light on terms we've only heard in the prologue so far. Grey is sooo great at spoon-feeding Green information xD! And their reunion was sooo cute! It
was really noticeable how happy he was to see her. I actually feel a bit bad for Grey that she gives him a bit of a cold shoulder, but who could blame her for it..
She's really a bit "run over" and has just found two friends she can place her trust into, which is very important for her and now "some other people" talk that way about them...?
It's really understandable ;; Well. What can I say xD I loved this chapter! ♥ And Ryô had his first appearance as well! ;u;/ *love love love*
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